The Foundation for 
Applied Psychiatric Anthropology
The Foundation for Applied Psychiatric Anthropology

Board Members

Rebecca J. Lester, PhD, MSW, LCSW (

(Director, FAPA)
Department of Anthropology
Washington University in St. Louis
Psychological and medical anthropology, eating disorders, self-harm, personality disorders, cross-cultural psychiatry

Eileen P. Anderson-Fye, PhD
(Board Member, FAPA)
Department of Anthropology
Case Western Reserve University
Child and adolescent development, culture and well-being, eating disorders, psychopharmacology



Jess Ambiee, MA
Applied anthropology, qualitative psychologgy

Anne E. Becker, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.M.
Departments of Global Health and Social Medicine
Harvard University
Cultural psychiatry, eating disorders

Peter Benson, PhD
Department of Anthropology
Washington University
Public health and medical anthropology, tobacco, phenomenology, United States and Latin America

Pascal Boyer, PhD
Depts of Anthropology and Psychology
Washington University in St. Louis
Cross-cultural psychology

Paul Brodwin, PhD
Department of Anthropology
Medical anthropology, mental health services, community psychiatry, ethics and ethnography

Lawrence Cohen, PhD
Departments of Anthropology and of South & Southeast Asian Studies
University of California, Berkeley
Medical and psychiatric anthropology, dementia and geriatrics, sexuality

John Davy
Dept of Comparative Human Development
University of Chicago
Psychological Anthropology, Intimacy, Religion and Gender in North America, Masculinity and psychotherapy

Aaron Denham, PhD
Department of Anthropology
Northern Arizona University
PO Box 15200
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Medical and psychological anthropology, trauma, childhood, culture and mental health, West Africa

Tonya Edmond, PhD
George Warren Brown School of Social Work
Washington University in St. Louis
Violence against women

Johanne Eliacin
Department of Comparative Human Development
The University of Chicago
Psychological/Psychiatric anthropology, psychosis, minorities' mental health

Anthony Ellrodt
Religious/psychological anthropology

Mohamed El Nawawi
Cairo, Egypt
Psychiatric Anthropology Transcultural Psychiatry

Nadia El-Shaarawi, MSc

Department of Anthropology
Case Western Reserve
Medical and psychological anthropology, forced migration, the Middle East and North Africa

Alicia Enciso
University of Texas at Austin
Trauma, cultural construction of healing contexts, psychoanalytic ethnography

Nicole Harris Falgoust, PhD, MSW

Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center
Spirituality and mental health, embodiment, relational psychoanalysis, spirit-possession religion, Brazil

Vanessa Fong, PhD
Graduate School of Education
Harvard University
Demographic, medical, and psychological anthropology, public health, migration

Guy Fricano
Departments of Psychology and Comparative Human Development
The University of Chicago
Ethnography of charisma and sacred space, religious and political elites, urban health, culture and clinical-health psychology

Justine Brooks Froelker, MEd, LPC

JBF Therapy & Coaching, LLC
Eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, OCD, self-esteem, body image, problem solving, and personacl coaching

Lainie Goldwert
Dept of Comparative Human Development
University of Chicago
Psychological and medical anthropology; conceptions of mind-body relationship in clinical approaches; narrative and culture; yoga in the US

Katherine Hejtmanek, PhD
Department of Anthropology
Children's Study Program and Center
Brooklyn College
Adolescent mental health, institutional ethnography, masculinity

Lindsey Herzog, MSW, PLCSW
McCallum Place Eating Disorder Treatment Center
Eating disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders

Devon Hinton, MD, PhD
Harvard University
Trauma-related disorder, PTSD, panic disorder, cross-cultural psychiatry

Douglas Hollan, PhD
Department of Anthropology
Psychological and psychiatric anthropology, person-centered ethnography, psychoanalysis

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Janis H. Jenkins, PhD
Professor of Anthropology; Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry
Culture and psychiatry; psychopharmacology; schizophrenia, depression, trauma; Latinos; migration

Abigail Judge
Division of Psychology
Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance
Clinical psychology, adolescent mental health, narrative medicine

Cheryl Kerrigan
Eating disorder recovery advocate, author, speaker, eating disorder survivor

Jill Korbin, PhD
Director, Schubert Center for Child Studies, Professor of Anthropology, and Associate Dean
Case Western Reserve University
Child maltreatment, cultural issues in children's well-being, medical and psychological anthropology

Stéphanie Larchanché

Minkowska Center
EHESS, Paris
Cross-cultural psychiatry, immigration, France

Daniel Lende
University of Notre Dame
Medical and psychological anthropology, addictions

Tanya Luhrmann, PhD
Departments of Anthropology and Psychology
Stanford University
Psychological anthropology, psychiatry, religion

Adjunct Professor, Doctoral Student
New York, NY
Medical anthropology, eating disorders, embodiment

Jill McCollum
Disability, equity in healthcare, neuroscience, communication disorders

Elizabeth Fein
Dept of Comparative Human Development
University of Chicago
Autism spectrum disorders; narrative, culture and mental health

Christine Nutter, MA
Dept of Comparative Human Development
The University of Chicago
Psychological and medical anthropology, child mental health, violence, Morocco

Chikako Ozawa-de Silva, PhD
Department of Anthropology
Emory University
Psychological anthropology, Asian (particularly Japanese and Tibetan) perspectives on mind-body, religion, medicine, therapy, health and illness

Leide Porcu, PhD, FIPA
International Psychoanalytic Association; Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research
Psychotherapy,psychoanalysis, sociocultural consultations and workshops

Ellen Sheffield Pace, MSW, LCSW
McCallum Place Eating Disorder Treatment Center
Eating Disorders

Carolyn Sargent, PhD
Departments of Anthropology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Washington University in St. Louis
Medical anthropology, cross-cultural psychiatry, culture and reproductive health issues

Annie Seal
Eating disorders, mental health parity

Rebecca Seligman, PhD
Department of Anthropology
Northwestern University
Psychological and medical anthropology,cross-cultural psychiatry, dissociation,spirit possession, embodiment, self and narrative, immigrant mental health

Shannon Shelley, LCSW
Judevine Center for Autism

Merav Shohet
Department of Anthropology
Psychological and medical anthropology; life-span development; eating disorders; cross-cultural psychiatry and well-being

Lauren J. Silver, PhD
Center for Children and Childhood Studies
Rutgers University
Comparative youth development, psychological anthropology, reengaging disconnected youth

Kristine Tippen
Center for Eating Disorders
Eating disorders, body image concerns, pyschoanayltic psychotherapy

James Waldram
Department of Psycholgoy
University of Saskatchewan
Medical, psychological, and psychiatric anthropology; anthropology of therapeutic intervention; healing; prisons; Indigenous peoples

Stephanie Whitney, MA, ATR-BC, LPC
Department of Art Therapy Counseling
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Trauma, eating disorders, art psychotherapy, EMDR, internal family systems

Denise E. Wilfley, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine, Pediatrics, and Psychology Washington University School of Medicine
Eating disorders and obesity prevention and treatment
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