The Foundation for 
Applied Psychiatric Anthropology
The Foundation for Applied Psychiatric Anthropology

All clinical services offered through the FAPA are provided by licensed professionals or individuals in the process of becoming licensed who are under the direct supervision of a licensed professional.

FAPA provides outpatient services for a range of mental health concerns, including

Anxiety Disorders                    Eating Disorders
Bipolar Disorder                      Personality Disorders                        
Depression                              Self-Harm

Please note that outpatient services through the FAPA are currently available only in the St. Louis, MO area.  Nevertheless, several of our affiliated scholars and practitioners maintain their own private practices and see clients independently of the Foundation.  Please consult our Affiliated Scholars page for more information.


Philosophy and Approaches
Our treatment philosophy is client-centered and wellness-based.  We believe each person's history and circumstance is unique, and that true wellness requires a thorough understanding of the sociocultural realities that both constrain and animate a person's life.  We work together with clients to understand these issues in conjunction with the internal psychological processes through which clients experience them and give them meaning. 

While our professionals are grounded in the most up-to-date research and practice developments in psychiatry and related disciplines, we believe that our clients are the first and best experts on their own experiences and that resources for healing ultimately reside within them.

Our professionals use a range of therapeutic techniques depending on the needs and wishes of the individual client.  Approaches include: dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT) cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) , art therapy,  mindfulness practices, interpersonal therapy (IPT), and feminist therapy.

We are committed to providing culturally sensitive treatments and services to our clients and their families.


Fees and Insurance
A sliding fee scale is available depending on client need.

FAPA does not accept health insurance directly, but we will be happy to provide our clients with documentation that may be submitted to their insurance companies for reimbursement.


For more information about our clinical services or to set up an assessment appointment, please email us at

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